Zildjian 14" K HIHAT - PAIR

SKU: K0823


K Zildjian Hi Hats embody that immediately recognizable sound of a Zildjian K. These hi hats are incredibly versatile in all sizes, dark and low-pitched. They deliver a deep, solid "chick" sound, with a quick response at all dynamic levels.

  • Embodies that recognizable Zildjian K sound
  • Incredibly versatile hi hat
  • Deep and solid "chick" sound
  • Dark, low-pitched
  • Quick response

Item Details:

  • Diameter: 14”
  • Cymbal Family: K Family
  • Cymbal Series: K Zildjian
  • Cymbal Type: HiHat
  • Weight: Medium Top, Medium-Heavy Bottom
  • Finish Traditional

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