Zildjian Sizzle Rivets - 12 Pack



Once called "nails" by Armand Zildjian, riveting cymbals was inspired by drummers who put actual nails in their authentic Chinese cymbals to give them more sustain. Looking to re-invent your ride sound or upgrade that FX cymbal with a little more trash? Zildjian Sizzle Rivets are a great first stop. Rivets are still added to cymbals today, traditionally in clusters of three or an evenly-spaced circle pattern around the cymbal. A small cluster of rivets creates a warm, smoky jazz "sizzle" effect that stretches out the sustain when played, or add even more rivets to give your cymbal a sharp "biting" sound that chokes out the sustain quickly for a drier effect. You hear it. Zildjian Sizzle Rivets can help you make it.

  • Re-invent your ride or upgrade your FX
  • Create expressive sizzle effects and trashy sounds
  • 3-rivet cluster for smoky "sizzle" ride
  • Go heavy with rivets for sharper "bite"
  • Pack of 12 rivets

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